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Spatial awareness allows us to truly understand disturbances created by both man and nature: how those disturbances change sites over time and their actual impact to the surrounding environment.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) incorporates geographical features with attribute information in order to map, analyze, and assess real-world problems. The collection and analysis of GIS spatial data is an invaluable tool for the understanding, documentation, and successful restoration of complex projects.

CSR, Inc.’s GIS team is adept at providing consulting, remote sensing analysis, field data collection, map production, web mapping, and federal reporting. We also excel at providing site and goal specific services to our clients such as identification of weed infestations, precise tracking of restoration activities, and custom database development.

stacked mapsOur GIS Specialists utilize cutting-edge technology and expertise to collect, store, and analyze field data and information as well as produce accurate custom maps. CSR, Inc.’s technological resources include Trimble™ Technology and ESRI’s Software Suite, ArcInfo™ and ArcServer™. Fully utilizing GIS and GPS technology enables us to streamline the storage and analysis of any form of spatial data in digital format to provide you, the client, with exacting data for your restoration project.

Major benefits of site specific GIS analysis are:

  • precise measurement and mapping of all surface disturbance features & restoration classifications
  • ability to accurately & efficiently recommend locations for partial release
  • production of a targeted remediation program for problematic areas

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