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Behind every great landscape is a series of ideas and goals that molded the site into its final state. A family with three young children thinks it would be fun to have a play area in their back yard, a couple who love to bar-b-q decide they want an outdoor kitchen, or a piece of property that needs developed for habitat value. Voila, those have become goals to be designed and installed in the landscape. But what if you do not know what you want? Perhaps you like your neighbor’s yard is but do not know why, or want to attract birds but don’t know the right plants to use.


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Let design be your guide. Our experienced staff can assist you in identifying your goals for your site such as how you want to use it and what you want to see and experience, as well as design to work with budget constraints, realistic timeframes, and installation phasing. We work from the ground up to evaluate existing site conditions and problematic areas, to proscribe solutions based on CSR, Inc.’s extensive company experience and industry standards. Our comprehensive AutoCAD or hand-drawn designs and estimates will provide you with the data to get your landscape project rolling.

Given that each project location is distinctly unique, research and planning of each project is important to complete prior to breaking any ground so that your effort and funding is not lost due to lack of clear intent or goals. We address each project individually so that you receive a landscape that suits your specific needs, without getting that cookie-cutter look all the neighbors have. During the design, we work closely with you as well as the Biology and Propagation departments to correctly design each place appropriately according to aspect, water, soils, location and various other constraints. Together we can make your project a native success!

The design department can provide you with:

  • Site Plans - existing and proposed features
  • Planting Plans - plant locations, counts, and species
  • Irrigation Plans - residential & commercial spray, rotor, and drip systems
  • Hardscapes - patios, paths, walls, and stones
  • Waterscapes - ponds, streams & creeks, and fountains
  • Graphical rendering - plans for presentations, perspectives, and photo-editing
  • Cost studies and estimates for materials and budgeting
  • Project and material specifications
  • Site planning
  • Cost studies, construction and material estimates, and proposals
  • Plant and seed recommendations
  • Public presentations and educational sessions
  • Native plant and project photography
  • On-call assistance

If you are interested in a landscape design or consultation, please call us to discuss your desires and arrange for a site visit. Check out our project examples below!

Site & Land Planning
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Large sites often provide the greatest benefits for wildlife in the form of habitat creation: food, water, and shelter can all be encompased in an immediately accessible area that has limited human impact. Land planning is an important part of the reclamation of any large parcel as it provides clear direction and intent to every action on site.
Commercial Nativescapes
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Similar to residential landscapes, commercial landscapes can be created using native plants and seed in traditional and non-traditional organizational manners. The benefits of natives are great for commercial locations: water and maintenance savings plus the added bonus of habitat value and natural beauty.
Residential Nativescapes & Restorations
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Landscaping with native plants in a residential setting creates habitat value for wildlife as well as for people. A beautiful and functional landscape can be created with native plants, seed, and hardscape just as effectively any traditional landscape. In addition, even residential settings can incorporate wildlands. For additional photos, check out the construction & stewardship page!

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