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Based on sound environmental research, CSR, Inc.’s restoration practices lead the environmental and native restoration industry. The design, installation, and stewardship of native functioning ecosystems is the primary focus of our company.

Before any restoration design or installation can be completed, research and monitoring of the site and surrounding areas is done so that an accurate baseline of data is established.

Field WorkOur Biology team uses a combination of GIS, GPS, and various testing methods to determine native & non-native vegetative cover, species counts, soil quality and depth, and habitat assessments. Through such data collection and comprehensive documentation, CSR, Inc. can select and apply specific native restoration seed, plants, and other materials for a successful site restoration.

Post-restoration activities are as important as pre-restoration. CSR, Inc. also performs restoration activities after seed and plant install that include vegetation monitoring, baseline comparisons and mapping, native seed collection, and habitat management plans. Any restoration project can be approached and completed in an accurate and all-encompassing manner, achieving recommended percent cover and establishment of native vegetation.

CSR’s biology team provides customizable, sustainable, and reliable ecological services and data collection. Precise and accurate biological data enable our clients and CSR to implement informed actions for restoration success.

Our biology team’s core services include: Assessment, Planning and Compliance, Monitoring, Analysis, Research and Development, and Data Management.

  • AssessmentField Work

    Baseline Inventories
    Plant surveys
    Literature Review and Comparative Analysis

  • Planning and Compliance

    Monitoring Plans
    Reclamation and Remediation Plans

  • Monitoring


  • Analysis

    Data Management
    Technical Writing

  • Research and Development

The Biology Department provides a knowledge clearinghouse, which translates into cost effective restoration with faster recovery trajectories. Biology is a dynamic department that facilitates projects from private landowners restoring small sites, regional projects, and governmental projects, all the way to complex site disturbances with compliance issues.

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